Book Announcement

Starving for Survival

I started Orthorexia Bites to advance the conversation around men and their emotions, while bringing much-needed attention to orthorexia. However, I can never say all I need to say in a blog post so I started writing my entire journey from childhood to today. Page by page I realized this project was much more than just a word document for my reference, this was the story that needed to be told.

I'm excited to announce I will publish my first book Starving for Survival later this year. I am embracing vulnerability and sharing my journey to raise awareness, provide hope and confront the stereotypes around eating disorders. Starving for Survival will illustrate the damaging mental, physical, and social effects of orthorexia while exploring the stigma around men and mental health.


Just like the obstacles I've overcome in life and recovery, this would not be possible without your support. I spent far too long keeping things to myself, which is why I invite you to take this ride along with me as part of the Survival Crew.  


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