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Speak up, man!
You never know who needs to hear it. 

I've had the incredible opportunity to speak with students, health professionals, and organizations around the world. These experiences remind me of the tremendous power of authentic storytelling. My presentations primarily focus on my story and my lived experience with an eating disorder. I share the factors that contributed to my eating disorder, the challenges I faced in seeking treatment, and the lessons I've learned in recovery.


Topics include:

  • Changing The Narrative Around Eating Disorders

  • Confronting The Stigma Around Men's Mental Health

  • Challenging Diet Culture Norms

  • Enough Already: Cultivating Self-Compassion

  • Internalized Homophobia & Mental Wellness


Interested in scheduling a virtual or in-person event? Email me at jason@orthorexiabites.com or schedule a time to chat here

Changing The Narrative College Tour
My latest initiative is aimed at reaching students in all 50 states! 

When I share my story on a college campus, I’m:


  • ELEVATING awareness and empowering students to seek the help they deserve.


  • CONFRONTING the stigma and showing young men that there is strength in vulnerability.


  • ILLUSTRATING the lived experience to equip the next generation of mental health professionals.  

  • CHANGING the narrative around eating disorders and mental health. 

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Whether virtual or in-person, I am determined to speak with students in all 50 states but I need your help. Do you know of a college or university that might be interested in hosting an awareness event? Or perhaps a class that could benefit from hearing my story? Hit me up at jason@orthorexiabites.com and let's keep this conversation going!

"Having a male’s voice in the conversation about the lived experience of an eating disorder is a rare and precious gift. Jason’s commitment to building awareness and advocating for help-seeking is exceptional. His ability to connect with his audience transcends boundaries of gender, age, and personal life experience. His messages will resonate with everybody, including students, parents, and both future and current health professionals."

Dr. Paula Quatromoni, Boston University

Past Events