Man with Book

Knowledge is key! Reading has been a powerful tool during my recovery. I highly recommend checking out these books:

Dr. Bratman was the first to realize some of us took healthy eating to unhealthy extremes. He does an excellent job giving life to this condition from his own personal experiences. 

An absolute must read for anyone who is battling an eating disorder. Rachael's story is so powerful. She is straight-forward and completely open about her own battles. I really enjoy the workbook like structure with many reflection points along the way. 

It is rare to find a male open up about his battle with eating disorders, which is part of the reason why I wanted to share my own story. Orthorexia doesn't discriminate and Stuart's story illustrates that. He doesn't shy away from showing the true damage orthorexia can do.

This may be one of my favorite books of all time! Justin embraces vulnerability and advances the conversation around masculinity. He covers a wide range of topics including insecurities with body image and left me with the ringing truth that I am enough, you are enough, we are enough!

This was the first book I read during recovery and it truly helped me change course. I realized that I am perfect for my imperfections. I gave myself permission to eat and more importantly it provided tools for silencing the critics in my head.