About Orthorexia Bites

Meet Jason

I am on the winning side of my battle with orthorexia but I am so much more than a guy with an eating disorder. I am all about meeting new people and having fun. I am a huge sports fan. Go Hawks! Go Jags! I enjoy exploring my new home of Colorado with my husband Matt and our two pups Arnie and Walter. And if you like Bob's Burgers, That 70's Show, The Office or Schitt's Creek then we're already best friends! :)

My Mission

Sharing my story to illustrate the harmful impacts of Orthorexia Nervosa, while reducing the stigma around eating disorders and men's mental health.

My Goals (The 6 E's)
Women Holding Hands


Empower individuals battling the condition by fostering a supportive network of champions, warriors and advocates.


Exhort the American Psychiatric Association to identify Orthorexia Nervosa as an eating disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5).

Doctor Office
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Encourage champions and warriors to seek assistance by connecting them to available professional tools and resources.


Engage in beneficial dialogue with fitness and nutrition influencers to ensure awareness of Orthorexic behaviors.

Support Group


Eat, just eat and enjoy!


Educate the health care, fitness and nutrition community as well as at-risk population on the signs, symptoms and impacts of Orthorexia Nervosa.

Giving a Lecture